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Advanced Agricultural Robots

The metaRobotics research facility conducts various research on precise, cutting edge agricultural technologies, and is thoroughly committed to hardware and software development.
Our environmentally conscious and affordable liquid and granular pesticide drone was our first step to easing the burden on farmers while bringing modern management practices to agriculture.

The finest in spray drone technology
right at your fingertips.

Experience the best spray drone on the market, produced with cutting-edge Korean technology.

  • Smooth, Stable Flightpath

    Smooth, Stable Flightpath

    Vandi’s state of the art technology enables peerless flight performance. Vandi is used in all manner of Korean agriculture sites and educational institutes.

  • Even & Precise Spray

    Even & Precise Spray

    Vandi’s verified spray precision technology was developed over the course of many hours of collaboration with agricultural professionals.

  • Strong Downward Winds

    Strong Downward Winds

    Vandi’s innovative design maximizes spray effectiveness.

Vandi – The Ideal Pest Control Solution

  1. 1. Innovative Design

    Easy to fold and unfold. Downward winds are considered at the design phase to maximize pesticide effectiveness.

  2. 2. Effective Pesticide Treatment

    Expansive treatment range of up to 40 hectares per day.

  3. 3. Convenient

    Easy, highly convenient piloting at your command.

Vandi – The Utmost in Product Quality

  1. 4. Safe

    Vandi’s safety record has been verified over the course of 3 years across the country and is used at several educational institutes.

  2. 5. Reliable

    Vandi uses only safe components verified over several tests and improvements.

  3. 6. Inflight Information

    Vandi provides a variety of inflight information, including altitude, speed, remaining battery, flight time, and more.

Vandi Official Video