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Collection and Usage of Personal Information Agreement
metaRobotics, Inc. places the utmost importance in your personal information in compliance with personal information protection laws. By using our website’s inquiry feature, you understand that the provision of personal information is required for this process, and indicate your consent to the collection and usage of the below personal information by metaRobotics as stipulated by personal information protection laws.

Information Collected
Required: Name, email, contact information
Optional: Company name

Purpose of Collection/Use
Collected information is used to send a response to the inquirer, process communications, process complaints, and to secure a path of smooth communication.

Period of Usage and Retention: 1 year

Provision of Personal Information to 3rd Parties
Personal information is used within the scope of purpose indicated on our website and will not be shared with 3rd parties outside of this scope.

Exceptions will be made in the following cases:
User has expressed consent otherwise.
Special terms exist under different regulation.
User or their legal representative is unable to express intent or address is unknown, thus preventing indication of consent, and the provision of the user or their legal representative’s information is deemed to be urgently beneficial for their health, life and/or property.
Provision of anonymous personal information for statistical or scholarly purposes.

Agreement to the metaRobotics, Inc. information collection policy is indicated through the below agreement form.
Should you refuse consent to the collection and usage of personal information, you may not use our online inquiry service.